About KMN Foundation

KMN foundation was established in 2014 to fight against the killing habit of tobacco smoking and to provide medical assistance to the underprivileged part of the society. 

KMN Foundation is 12A & 80G Compliant NGO

    The anti tobacco campaign organised by Udeas & supported by  KMN Foundation is the Smoke Free Puja award during Durga Puja , the biggest festival of Bengal ( a state in eastern part of India ) 2014 . Here is the glimpse of the event :
  • An initiative by few crusaders whose mission was to create awareness & instil the leadership attitude among the mass for a better community feeling & creating an empowering ,health citizen of INDIA.
  • THE KMN foundations endeavour is to create Cancer awareness by anti cancer & anti tobacco drive through initiatives like “SHAROD SHREE” smoke free puja-AWARD organised by Udeas which is celebrated through the biggest festival of Bengal-Durga Puja.
  • Another major initiative is spreading awareness for dental health care amongst children focusing movement against oral cancer.
  • The foundation in its initial stage already created a mark in the society & in years to come its projection is to reach every village of Bengal with activities targeted to holistic development of community & corporate.

Aims of KMN Foundation

  • Our work aims to create awareness regarding adverse effect of chewing Gutkha, pan masala or smoking cigarettes , biri or hokkaha among addicted people to restore hope for a better future
  • We believe that every person has the right to access medical facilities in order to live and develop their lifestyle with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society
  • Nurture awareness among the masses and provide linkage to health care facilities
  • To encourage and popularise voluntary work

Objectives of KMN Foundation

  • To provide help to people suffering from natural calamities such as flood, earthquakes, cyclones, etc.
  • To create awareness among the people regarding ill effects of using tobacco in different forms.
  • To provide medical assistance (especially dental health) to the underprivileged part of the society.