Donate Clothes for Rag Bags

To address the carry bag problem, Karma Moksha Nirvana Foundation has come up with a unique
initiative called the “Rag Bag”. The essence of this initiative is to use the disposable old clothes from our wardrobes and turn them into sustainable chic carry bags. The logistic support team will collect these used clothes from individual homes and collection points like clubs or resident associations. The collected clothes will then be washed, dried, cut and stitched into chic and fashionable reusable carry bags with the help of Self-Help Groups of women. This is a great opportunity to generate employment and empower the women involved in the initiative. 

Do you have too many unused clothes or clothes that you don't wear anymore? Kindly donate these clothes to the needy. Your small contribution will bring a backpack of hope for them. 

Donate Clothes

Kindly donate your old cloths for RagBag at


Harit Story, H/345, B P Township, Kolkata 700094. ( Near to Patuli Police Station & Khudiram Metro )
+91 8336941108
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