There are many concerning environmental threats that the world is facing today. Use of single-use plastic is one such concern. Single-use plastics are non-biodegradable which plays a major role in pollution. The chemicals found in it are dangerous for aquatic and terrestrial life as well as responsible for severe ailments in humans like cancer, infertility problems, impaired immunity, etc. To address these concerns, the Indian government has banned single-use plastic carry bags from July 1 st , 2022. However, this has given rise to a “carry bag problem” in the country as people were heavily dependent on it. The ban has caused a huge shortage of bags at point of sale as few shoppers have the habit of carrying their own bags.


Rag Bags

To address the plastic carry bag problem, Karma Moksha Nirvana Foundation has come up with a unique initiative called the “Rag Bag”. 

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Anti Tobacco Campaigns

Dinner organised by KMN Foundation for spreading awareness against killing habits of tobacco usage through social interaction at Singapore.

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